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World Class Sound...


Does all this really matter?  Why does it sound better? 

Yes it does matter - - for your enjoyment!  Our sound is clear, crisp, smooth & powerful.  It is well defined and balanced.  Our systems are not "harsh" and "ear piercing", or "muffled".  You hear every sound naturally, the way the recording artist intended - from tight vocals to crashing cymbals. 

Typical DJ's  use two speakers and an average sound system to get by, or they bring in "huge" speakers to look impressive.  Either way, they avoid the details to ensure the absolute best sound.  We can assure each, and every one of our clients, that our sound systems will outperform typical mobile DJ sound rigs!  






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At Sound Dimensions Disc Jockeys sound quality is priority # 1. Our sound systems are designed and engineered for the highest, uncompromised, quality sound.  We don’t buy our sound systems at the "local" music shop.  They are designed, engineered, and built to specifications that avoid the "muddy" bass, the "brassy" highs and the "distortion" that we hear so often from a DJ.  We focus on using world class systems driven by thousands of watts of crisp, clean power.  We are definitely not the DJs with 2 speakers up in the air on poles !



Depending on the size, and location of the event, a system of varying size and sound pressure levels (SPL) is selected for the event.  Our larger sound packages utilize technology such as "array" alignment for precise sound coverage throughout a room.  This is concert technology is designed for clarity.  Stage monitors and special processing equipment compliment our world class audio systems.

At concert or large musical venues,  you might note sound systems from JBL or EV.  These are the world leaders in the development and technology standards used in the majority of live and recorded sound around the world. 


JBL sound is used for events such as Super Bowl XLIV, Grammy Awards, Blue Man Group  and The Academy of Country Music Awards, and in facilities such as  Universal Studios, The Grand Ole Opry, and Disney World.  They tour with production companies for artists like Neil Diamond, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buffett, Rascal Flatts & Brad Paisley. 


EV powers some of the world's best artists, including Al Green, DropKick Murphys, Paul McCartney, Snoop Dogg, and AC/DC.  These acts rely on the JBL and EV names to deliver superb sound reproduction.  We trust them to do the same for us, as a major part of the sound systems we utilize for our shows.



Our dbx processors are used by familiar artists names such as Vince Gill, Bon Jovi, Steely Dan and Martina McBride. Other processors we employ are taken from recording artists such as Sheryl Crow, Kenny G and Aerosmith.  We are using the components pros rely on for unparalleled sound for your event!



Crowds have defined our sound as "pure energy"!  Using CD & digital hard drives, we have created unique sounding systems. It is "clean", quality sound that you'll hear, "feel", and be part of. It is not overwhelming. Compare our sound with other mobile DJ systems,... we are confident that you, and your guests, will be impressed.

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