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Elegance™ DJ System

Larger Event... Bigger Ballroom... Party Crowd

Male/Female DJs & large scale world class sound & lighting.

If its a big dancing crowd, with lots of friends, co-workers, etc... then the Elegance™ is the recommendation. This system contains a horizontal "array" sound package for crisp, clean music throughout a large ballroom or with a larger crowd (>200 people). It contains our larger concert level lighting systems for the big festive party. Our most highly requested system for weddings and corporate events. The complete show that we have built our reputation on!

Two (2)Entertainers/Emcees - - working in male/female DJ teams

Both entertainers are completely wireless allowing full mobility with the crowd.

Up to 6 hours of entertainment, including dinner and reception.

Additional hours and other options, available as well

Set up, Prep, Take Down at no additional costs

Use of state of the art business management software to manage your event.

In person, phone, video conference and email consultations.

Event planner and consulation meeting w/ your DJs/Emcees, prior to your event. Includes:

Introductions, cake cutting, first dance, special dances

Planning & coordination of timeline for the event (i.e. prayer, toasts, dinner, dance)

Uniquely designed portions of the show

Music selection designed with your input to match your event's personality.

Coordinate, Design, & Emcee all formalities the night of the event.

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Sound & Lighting Technical

World class sound for crowds of 200 people or more. Four (4) subwoofer drivers (low end bass) in proprietary, horn coupled cabinets. Four (4) horizontally arrayed satellites (modified) w/ X-array technology for clarity.

Our largest scale lighting systems with world class fixtures deliver a concert "level" show. Multiple control systems ensure choreographed crowd impact. Haze atmosphere preferred, but requires facility approval.

Sound & Lighting are "redundant" systems within themselves for backup.

Client Comments

"Their unique style and high enegy kept our dance floor packed from 8p-midnight. Sound Dimensions DJs was worth every penny and we would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a DJ.  They exceeded our very high expectations."

"The extra touches and new ideas were priceless. They really kept the party going and definetly made our night. It was so easy to trust the team to take control and I didn't have to worry about a thing!!So glad we made the right choice when choosing Sound Dimensions. I would recommend them without a doubt."

"They made the night fun and everyone felt comfortable with them. They even got on the dance floor with us at the end of the night! Love love love Sound Dimensions!! Will definitely recommend them to friends and family in the future! "

"Great Job SDDJ!!! Our dance floor should've been bigger because it was packed all night!!! Very satisfied! "