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Concert Level Lighting

Unique Dance Floor Lighting For Your Event

Let's Talk About Dance Floor Lighting

Sound Dimensions Disc Jockeys use extensive lighting systems to enhance and complete the mood of an event. These have been designed, engineered and built to be one-of-a-kind and are not bought off the music store shelf. Our systems have been designed to be dynamic, intelligent and concert oriented, while being symmetrical from each side of our stage. They are positioned high above the crowd, allowing differing and multiple angles to impact the dance floor and the crowd.

Lighting is used to match the musical styles we play during the night. By doing so, our performance becomes a stage show where lighting is used to impact the performers and the performance itself. Our lighting is used to add dynamics to the stage show and is choreographed with the music. This adds dimension to our show that is usually forgotten about and cannot be accomplished with lower end equipment.

All of our lighting is ontrolled by multiple systems. When all this is combined the music takes on a life of its own, keeping the dance floor jumping so we can entertain the crowd.

Whether your event is for 100 or 1000 people you deserve to have the same concert level, dynamic lighting that has dazzled many before you. Almost all of our events include this world class lighting and effects package.

If you have an event where you want "atmosphere", and not the big "festive party" approach our Ambience and Radiance systems deliver world-class lighting on a smaller scale. In our  Elegance system, our clients get the lighting that tens of thousands before you have enjoyed!

And of course you can always choose to omit the lights for daytime or outdoor events. You may also choose to have uplighting only to give an "ultra-lounge" atmosphere.

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Does It Really Look Different?

Yes it does! Our stage shows use unique lighting to dazzle, amaze, and look better. Classy and elegant, but theatrical. Many photographers use our lighting for phenomenal shots, and have complemented us over the years. You may not hire us because of our lighting, but it is a valuable "tool" we use in our bag of tricks to make your event successful. We invite you to compare our lighting, side by side, to other DJ services (that is if other services will show you their lighting).