What Is PoddMyParty ?

For $300 per day, or slightly more, PoddMyParty allows the client to have total control over their own event.

This is a "no frills" service where a small and efficient system with powered speakers and a docking mixer which allows playback of digital music from a variety of digital devices. You pick it up the day you need it and drop it off 24 hrs later!

The PoddMyParty system is simple to use by docking YOUR iPod®, laptop, hard drive, USB stick, tablet, or other portable device.  You can then use YOUR music and YOUR playlists for the event. Anyone can plug in their digital device during the evening. There is even a microphone included for announcements that need to be made, and a wireless microphone is offered as an option.

This service is an alternative to a "full service" DJ or sound contractor. There are events where this can offer exactly what the client is looking for at a reasonable, low cost rate.

Our P.o.d.d. (personal on demand digital) systems are engineered with our clients in mind. They are small, light and easy to transport, set-up and use.

Each P.o.d.d. is free standing (no tables), pre-wired (less cords), and takes less than 15 minutes to set up. It transports in 5 nylon bags, and will fit in the back seat of a car.  Best of all, it is totally under your control.