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Uplighting & Lighting Design

Make Your Event Dramatic with Uplighting Design

Beyond Typical - Uplighting Done Uniquely ! 

Sound Dimensions Disc Jockeys wanted do uplighting differently. We begin by utilizing fixtures that give us unique flexibility and options. These are powerful, professional fixtures that can even be used with brightly lit ballrooms during dinner, and still make a big impact (photos prove this!). The fixtures emit no heat, making them safe to place almost anywhere. We can use them to "wash" a wall in color or create a colorful "streaking" effect on the wall. The fixtures are capable of any color you can imagine!

We have 2 theatrical personnel on our staff that will create a unique design based on your vision. They will not simply place a light on the floor to shine up on the wall. The head table area is our favorite place to highlight to keep the focus on where it belongs. In addition we can highlight achitecture points, tray ceilings, pillars, tents, cakes, trees and more. And of course, complete ballrooms! Our experience is extensive and includes lighting design for bands and fashion shows.

We are looking for elegance with uplighting and not flashing lights around the room as some services do. We don't want your wedding, or special event, to look like a prom!

Our lighting design is NOT charged by the light, or by how many fixtures we use in total. We take a different approach. From weddings to fashion shows, many hire us to do lighting design with or without our DJ services.

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Why Head Tables "Areas"?

Lighting used around the "head table area" can match the bridal colors for a colorful atmosphere. They can light up behind the head table, under, around the sides, and more. Using angled, straight and curved positions. Using different "iris" sized lighting, we can do everyting from soft to striping. It'll stand out and provide a colorful "glow" to the entire room putting the focus where you want it.