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Not A Photobooth - - Your Wedding From Above!

Capture Your Wedding Without Anyone Knowing!

WEDDLive™ is a totally new system that has been developed by Sound Dimensions Disc Jockeys.  It is not a photobooth, but it does something rather unique!

WEDDLive™ is placed high above the dance floor, from various angles, known only to the B&G and your entertainers.  We control WEDDLive™ via a closed loop wifi system. Changes can be made at our fingertips. Anything from HD video, to time-lapse photography, panoramic views, zooms, and more.

The idea behind WEDDLive™ is to record raw segments of your evening.  Then take that and assemble it into a video for your memories. We try the best we can to get the special highlights of the evening and the craziness we create on the dance floor that your guests do not know about!

Imagine being able to see Uncle Charlie cutting a rug with your niece, or Mom & Dad doing the Cupid Shuffle and special dances. People tend to do some funny things during a reception never considering they are being recorded. They are the fun memories to keep. Also, with WEDDLive, you can hear the crowd and how they react and you can hear your DJs / Emcees.

Why did we say it is not a "photobooth"? We know photobooths are very popular. But with a photobooth your guests have to get "into" the photobooth to act crazy and wacky. Even at that, they are somewhat posed, and you typically get 4 photos of that group of friends. With WEDDLive™, you are getting the live action as it happens, being recorded without your guests being aware.

One other thing that WEDDLive can do that a photobooth can't. It can be used at your ceremony for a great memory.

Give us a call and we can explain more about WEDDLive™. Pricing - $399

WEDDLive Samples