WEDDLive is a rather unique concept that you most likely will not see elsewhere. The systems are placed high above the dance floor, from various angles, known only to the B&G and your entertainers. The idea behind WEDDLive is to record raw segments of your evening. Then take that and assemble it into a video for your memories.

WEDDLive - An Option That's a Little Different!

We control the system throughout a show. Changes can be made at our fingertips. Anything from HD video, to time-lapse photography, panoramic views, zooms, and more. The WEDDLive system is hidden in our lighting trusses above the dance floor (as you can see in these videos and other pictures on this site).

We try the best we can to get the special highlights of the evening and the craziness that goes on with your guests. But the best part is that they do not know they are being recorded! Think of it as a "live" full room photobooth!

Imagine being able to see Uncle Charlie cutting a rug with your niece, or Mom & Dad doing the Cupid Shuffle and special dances. People do some funny things during a reception and would never think they are being recorded.

With WEDDLive you can hear the crowd and how they react. You can also hear your entertainers. You are getting the live action as it happens. It is NOT a video with a background track of audio added later!

WEDDLive can also be used at your ceremony as we have done for many brides and grooms. Pricing - $399

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