Social.Virtual.Booth™ creates fun at your event!, keeps guests entertained!, adds to your celebration!


It's Like a Photo Booth, Only More Social!

A Uniquely Original™ Style of "Open Air" Photobooth.

It doesn't look like a Photobooth, and it can do things most Photobooths can't. The color can even match your event!

Keep your crowd engaged & having fun!

Photo Booths are fun! But most are "old school". An enclosed box that takes up floor space and prints out 2" x 6" strips to put in an album. What happens to that album in a year or two? Where is it? Do you look at it?

Green Bay Photo Booths presents the Social.Virtual.Booth! Send your photos to text, email or a choice of social media! You can use "Virtual Props" on the 32" touch screen, or regular props if you want (not currently due to Covid). Have them with you all the time on your phone. You can also do printing as a 4x6 custom designed template. No narrow strips! At the end of the night get all your templates and all your pictures on USB sticks!

It is an "open-aire" style. No box to go into, no curtain to slide behind you. Not a small 10" touchscreen from an iPad, or a camera from an iPad or tablet. Walk up and our attendant will guide you through the large 32" touchscreen! You'll have access to social media, printouts and "Virtual Props" ! Pricing starts at $649.

The Social.Virtual.Booth. can do all this and more!

Text The Photo!

Included free with any Social.Virtual.Booth! Take the pics, choose the photo arrangement you want to send, and text it to yourself, or a friend

Send It By Email

One of the social media choices you can select to send your pictures. Take the pics, select the photo arrangement you want, type in the email and press ENTER!

Sign It !

After you take your pictures, use your finger to sign it on the large 32" touchscreen.  Send a note to the bride & groom, or just a "best wishes" right on the picture!

Virtual Props?

The props are virtual and and are on the screen itself. Drag, drop, stretch them to fit where you want them! Hats, glasses, hair bowties and more! (Of course, you can still use regular props).

Social Media

Select up to 3 "total" options to be used during the night. For example, choose Facebook, Texting, and eMail. Or Texting, eMail and Printing. Do a video or a moving .gif to send with any of the options!

Can I Still Print?

Yep, you can still print your photo, with or w/o the other options. Select how many pictures you want via the touchscreen. Your picture will be done printing in 7 secs, And, all the prints are 4"x 6"!


We've taken the best technology and designed it to go together. High quality DSLR cameras, speedy computing processors, modeling lamp, high speed flash, high quality printing and a 32" touchsreen

Hashtag Time!

Set up your own page on FaceBook or Twitter, or a create a specific hashtag for your celebration. Then all the pictures taken will automatically go right to that location!

Modern Looking

It's modern looking, only takes up a footprint of about 4' square so it can be placed in the smallest of areas. Oh, and the color of the structure can be changed to match the event!

Recent Event Templates

The first 2 templates are using Virtual Props! An originally designed 4x6 template can be done for each event! Because they're 4x6, you can even frame them!

the Social.Virtual.Booth. includes

Custom Designed template for each event !                   With or Without a Backdrop                                              Virtual or Regular Props
Helpful personnel to guide you                                         Small Foot-Print (4'x4')                                                        4" x 6" Printouts Everytime!

Delivery, Set Up and Takedown                                        On-site Hotspot for Media Access                                     Studio Quality Cameras 
Two sets of USB sticks at end of night                             Social Media, Text, eMail or Printing Options                  Photo Lab Quality Printouts


Let's Experience the Social.Virtual.Booth.™

Call, eMail or text. We can answer your questions and give you specific pricing once we know the length of the event,
the date of the event, what options you would like to use, and the location of the event.



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