Reservation Fees?, Are You Insured?, Take Requests?, Music?, Do You Sub-Contract?

Your Questions Answered Straight Forward & Simply

Over the Years We Have Been Asked Questions That Every Customer Wants
To Know When They Are Hiring A Service. Here Is a List That We Hope Is Helpful.

Yes. Instead of a simple yes / no on taking requests, we have developed 4 different ways to handle requests. It is totally up to you as you do the planning. Keep in mind that an event DJ can only do about 55-60 songs during a wedding. Consider what could happen to your dance floor when a DJ is handed 25-40 songs and is limited to have the ability to "read" the crowd that night.

Many ask about our reservation fees, and when they are due. We do NOT require 50% down when you sign your contracts. Our reservation fees typically range from $349 to $499, or higher, at the time of the contract signing. This all depends on your total costs. We also do not require periodic payments before your event. Instead, it is quite simple, retainer fee at the time of the contract signing, then final payment due 10 days prior to the event.

Yes. We accept Visa / MasterCard and Discover. Personal checks and money orders are also accepted. There is NO charge for using a credit card to pay your balance. One other item, there is NO sales tax. In Wisconsin sales tax does not apply to a service. It only applies to rentals, leased items and items that are consumed for use.

Of course! Once the initial planner is completed at your end, we'll set up a time for you to sit down and "construct" the evening. We work in male/female teams. One of the DJs assigned to your event will do the planning with you. If you are not local, we can do video conference. There are other options as well if it is difficult to meet sufficiently ahead of the wedding.

Yes, we do travel. We attempt to stay within about an hour of the Green Bay Metro Area. There are slight fees charged. We do not do them per mile, instead, a flat fee of $50. For ceremonies, or uplighting, if done "stand alone", there is a $25 fee. If we are on a second floor, an elevator is involved or similar, there is a $50 second floor fee.

Quite simply the answer is NO. Sub-contracting is when you hire one company, they overbook, or intentionally contract your wedding out to another DJ that does the event under the original company's name. But they don't work for that company. Additionally, we own all our equipment "in-house" and do NOT rent any equipment for an event.

Absolutely. Most DJs are insured. We'll take it one step further and tell you our equipment and liability coverages are provided by State Farm Insurance... a name everyone knows. Our liability policy contains 2 M$ in coverage and we can have the facility's name added for coverage for the time we are on site. All our equipment from what you see on stage to the office computers, trailers, and the stuff you don't see are insured, assuring you that Sound Dimensions Disc Jockeys™, and you, are well protected.

The direct answer is - - legally. We utilize Promo Only. The #1 Record Pool for DJs and VJs. For over 25 years Promo Only has offered DJs, VJs, radio stations and entertainment venues unprecedented access to the hottest new releases. All music is for radio airplay, so no worries about "language" in a song. We are not the DJ that downloads our music from iTunes... which can be illegal.

There are a total of 9 personnel on staff at Sound Dimensions Disc Jockeys™. Six (6) are DJs/Entertainers. The other three (3) take care of specifics, like Ceremonies, Uplighting and the Social.Virtual.Booth.

Surprisingly, it is not necessary. Our systems are all engineered to contain a "backup" within itself, and in some cases a "double backup" within itself. Also, there's that little thing we mention about using world class equipment, that helps give everyone comfort. It's simple, you paid for the "A" game, not the "C" game that is in the back of a trailer, that hasn't been used in how long? In all the years and weddings we have performed for, we have never had to cancel or leave a show early. Ever.