Sometimes the crowd age or type of crowd may impact what system you need. Maybe you are not having the big "party" crowd that is going to pack a dance floor all night where more lighting is needed, like in our Elegance™. Instead, maybe a lot of family with few friends and co-workers. Or, they like to hang out at the bar more than be on the dance floor. The Radiance™ has a "scaled" down lighting system, but still contains our large sound package. Big ballroom or large crowd, but lower key crowd? Then the Radiance™ is the most likely choice to fit your night.

Radiance™ - World Class on a Moderate Scale

Two DJs/entertainers that work in Male/Female teams. Wireless so they can go wherever they want during the evening. How often have you seen a DJ coordinating on the dance floor and have to run back to start the music?

Up to 6 hours of entertainment, including dinner and reception. Additional hours and other options, available. Set Up, Prep and Takedown at no cost.

Event planner and meeting w/ your DJs/MCs, prior to event. In person meeting, video conference and email consultations to plan your celebration!

Coordinate, Design, and Emcee all formalities the night of the event. Planning and coordination of timeline (i.e. prayer, toasts, dinner, dance) and other portions of the event, including with the hall and other vendors.

Music selection for the evening is designed with your input, and our suggestions, to match your event's personality. There are uniquely designed portions of the show, which you may choose, or not choose, based on if you feel they will match your crowd. They are included at NO cost. Our world class systems all vary in size, but do not affect what we offer, nor cheapen the system. Control systems allow choreographed crowd impact and haze atmosphere is preferred, but often requires facility approval. Our systems are "redundant" systems within themselves for backup. There is not a need to carry the "C" grade equipment in the trailer, when you paid for the "A" game. Items are backed up "in-house", from laptops, to music controllers and lighting controllers, as well as, processing equipment and speaker arrangement

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