Uplighting Design

Sound Dimensions Disc Jockeys Treats Uplighting As More Than An "Add On" In a DJ Package. We Treat It As Design

Lighting That Goes Beyond Typical

Trusted To Do Many Fashion Shows Each Year, And Other Event Types, Uplighting Design Is A Way To Highlight Any Event.

Simplicity Is Often Desired

It Can Be More Basic and Straight Forward. Sometimes Simplicity Can Make a Bold Statement If Done Correctly

More Complex Layered Designs

Layered Designs Can Be Done With Softer Backgrounds And Tighter Beams Using Various Colors or Different Angles

Rich, Lively and Vivid Colors

Rich and Colorful. Able To Create Any Color Desirable to Match the Ballroom or the Event Colors. From Softly Colored to Bright and Vivid.

Lighting The Head Table Only?

Multiple Layer Designs Are Possible

Lighting used around the "head table area" allows more design while providing a colorful atmosphere, and keeping costs slightly lower. Lighting can be used behind the head table, under, around the sides and down off the risers. Using angled, straight and curved positions. Using different "iris" sized lighting, we can do everything from soft to striping. Multiple fixtures can be used to give a 2 or 3 layer design. It'll stand out and provide a colorful "glow" to the entire room putting the focus where you want it... the head table and bridal party!

The Technology and Artistry

Yep, It's Diffferent, and Here's Why

We have the ability to design using angled, straight and curved positions. Using different "iris" sized lighting, we can do everyting from soft ambiant designs to narrow striping. In fact, we can do it wirelessly allowing us to stand back in the ballroom to look how it all blends together. We have two lighting personnel on staff that will create a unique design based on your colors and vision. They will not simply place a light on the floor to shine up on the wall. As you can see from some of our photos, our lighting reaches high, even 30 and 40 foot ceilings.

Uplighting or Uplighting Design?

How Uplighting Makes A Presence

Our approach to Uplighting is different. Our concert level fixtures give us unique flexibility and options, that can even be used in brightly lit ballrooms while still making an impact. Most that do uplighting use small, weak fixtures that reach half way up a high wall when they begin to disappear. Here's how we approach it...

1) We will do uplighting with or without our DJ services.

2) The number of fixtures we use is NOT limited like so many package deals. We use the amount of lighting needed to make the design look right.

3) Our lighting design is NOT charged per light, or by how many fixtures we use in total.

We can highlight achitecture points, tray ceilings, pillars, tents, cakes, trees and more. We do complete ballrooms quite often which are slightly more expensive, and usually less design oriented, more for color ambiance in the room. Our experience is extensive and includes lighting design for weddings, live bands, fashion shows, arenas, and live TV. We are looking for elegance with our uplighting and not flashing lights around the room as some offer. We don't want your wedding, or event, to look like a prom!

Doing Uplighting Design? Make An Impact. Select A Monogram .

Contact Us To Add a Monogram At Minimal Cost Ranging from $199 to $249

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