An Alternative

Maybe you need music, but the event is small.

Music or announcements are needed, but you don't need lighting, entertainment, or a big production. It could be cocktails or background music for a couple hours. A charity event, blind auction, or just a training class, a gathering or conference. A small outdoor barbecue, a pavillion in a park, or a grand opening at a local store.

Not much more than music or microphones for a couple hours. You want somebody to run the system for you and not worry about the music. These are what MiniSystems were designed for. MiniSystems DO NOT take the place of professional DJ entertainment.

They have a small "footprint" and are fast to set up providing a single sound operator. They can be done using wireless "music zones" for events that need the sound system spread out throughout a ballroom.
Pricing - $700 up to 6 hrs in length.

Sound Technician

Not a DJ, but a sound technician to run everything and keep the music going. Mini-Systems were not designed for entertainment, but rather sound coverage.

Professional Audio

Two powered speakers are included (amps in the speakers). Wired or via wireless speakers. More than two speakers can be used for an event that is spread out.

Wireless Microphones

Most of the time, Mini-Systems are involved where microphones are needed for announcements, etc... You can do two wireless handheld microphones with this system.

12,000 Songs

Not a huge music library, but more than enough for an event. Give us your specific songs needed your type of event!

Don't Need A DJ? PoddMyParty™ Is The Answer.

PoddMyParty is a DIY rental system so you can have YOUR Music, YOUR Way!