The Sound...

Crowds have defined our sound as pure energy. Designed and Engineered to create unique, world class systems. It's "clean" sound that you'll hear, "feel", and be part of.
Not overwhelming, not too loud.

A Retired Couple Danced All Night In Front Of Us. At The End, They Both Asked "How Do You Do That"?

We Said "Do What"? His Reply... It's Loud, But It's So Smooth I Could Talk To My Wife All Night As We Danced"

Our sound is clear, crisp, smooth and powerful. Well defined and balanced. Our systems are not harsh, ear piercing, or muffled. You hear every sound naturally, the way the recording artist intended. Typically, DJ's use two speakers and an average sound system. Some DJs have very good sound systems, but simply don't operate them properly. They avoid details that assures sound quality.

Designed and Engineered for Sound Quality

Systems are recommended for each event, differing in size. This is based on the crowd size, ballroom size, and ultimately what the client is looking to accomplish with their event (i.e. age groups, reserved, outgoing).

We focus on concert and tour production technology designed for clarity and smooth sound coverage. Some of the very same processors and components are used on tour and in major productions.

As an example, your DJ is behind his speakers. So how does he know what it sounds like on the dancefloor? Is it loud? When he speaks, is it distorted? In our case, we use stage monitors behind us so we can hear everything in front of us. It's small items like that, and special processing equipment, that compliment our world class audio systems and set us apart from other DJs


Photobooth? The "Social.Virtual.Booth."

Based on Social Media, Texting, eMail, Animation, and Touch!