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About Us At Sound Dimensions Disc Jockeys™

Searching For A DJ/MC/Entertainer Can Be Overwhelming.
Look Beyond Music and At The Value You Receive.

For 13 yrs have been a recipient of The Bride's Choice Awards and Couples Choice Awards presented by WeddingWire. Visit WeddingWire to read what our past clients say. We have been interviewed on three occasions by "The Wedding Magazine" for articles regarding music. "Creating Atmosphere", "Memorable Music", and "Mastering Memorable Music". We've also been consulted on "The Great American Wedding Project". We were humbled to be asked for our input on these topics.

It's the one, single term that best describes us. It encompasses our total offering - - planning, design and show execution. We are recognized by the entertainment value and our unique & creative productions. We are a full time, fully insured corporation, using legal & licensed music. We pay local, state and federal taxes, and are available daily and into the early evenings. We have years of experience, and can assure you we will work with you to make your wedding a celebration and a success!

Some have it, some don't. Others boast about it. Some are trying to find it. We possess a long history of entertainment experience and have been involved in radio, commercials, nightclubs, voice-overs, theatre, and of course, live events. With a 25+ year reputation of dependability and professionalism, we are not a part time service nor a new business. Ethics and integrity are focused on in all parts of our business. We have performed at thousands of events, entertaining tens of thousands of individuals in locations nationwide.

Committed to quality and assuring success to our clients that want a distinguished, memorable evening. This week's customer is as important as next October's potential client. It's why we do more than just quote a price. It's also why we DO NOT subcontract out to other DJs. It's all us everytime, all employees, no subcontractors that DJ under our company's name. Ask that question... you may be suprised with the answer.

It's one of the reasons why clients say they select Sound Dimensions Disc Jockeys. Our energy is real and we are genuine. After you talk to us, and personally meet us, you'll realize it's our passion for what we do that shines through. Customers tell us that this is the image they want for their wedding day.

"Uniquely Original™" defines the driving force that started it all decades ago. Many DJ’s are "conventional" and lack the polished timing, originality and performance standard. Many follow and imitate what everyone does. For over two decades we have been creative and innovative. We'll continue to push the edge of creativity doing things uniquely different.

Clean stage set-ups. No hanging wires. Our level of equipment gives us the "tools" to do unique things with our crowds. Sound that is known for its clarity. Lighting systems adding visual impact to the evening (and have pleased many photographers in getting that "just right" photo!). We are wireless, allowing us to be "engaged" with your crowd. Using world class equipment vs typical "DJ equipment". It's the same technology from the same manufacturers that national touring acts & production companies rely upon night after night giving you assurance of dependability.

From our initial contact with you, to personally meeting with you to detail your wedding... its all part of making things "flow" and putting you at ease. A unique approach allows us to understand your vision, desires and expectations. We'll use that information to deliver your entertainment creatively. You'll start with a multi-page "planner", about 8-10 weeks prior to your event... it's not a standardized, automated form that contains barely the basics. Amazingly, only about 20% focuses on music. We wear many "hats", doing many things during an event. Music is just part of the complete concept.

Our goal is to "carry ourselves" well. We are a reflection of your tastes, an invited guest to your wedding. We are well groomed, fit individuals that perform in male / female teams. We are non-smoking and do not engage in alcohol during shows. We are personable, pleasant and approachable. We don't enter during or after dinner to set up. It's all set, ready and tested before your guests arrive. We are waiting on you, not the other way around.

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